How to Ensure Your Next Boating Trip is Safe

Boats for Sale in FloridaNothing can be more troubling for a boater than being unprepared for an emergency when you are miles off shore and now one can reach your for some time to help. There are tons of boats for sale in Florida and throughout the US but before you head out on the water make certain you and your passengers are safe. Consider a few of these boating safety tips from the next time you are considering going out for some fun out on the water.

1. Your Contacts – Never go out on the water without letting one person who is on shore know where and how long you will be out on the boat. This way if you are not back on the agreed time, they can get the word out where you are in case something went wrong and you are stranded as the darkness falls.

2. Full Tank – Don’t assume that just because there is a fuel station en route to where you are going that they indeed have fuel on hand. Too many boaters can tell scary stories about running out of fuel in rough waters when they discovered the gas station was closed or out of fuel. The best way to ensure you are safe on the water is to simply top off the tank each time you are about to leave the marina.

3. Safety Gear – Each time you check the boat before heading out of the marina, take a look to see if all your safety gear is in check. Each passenger must have a life jacket, and everything that could help keep your guests safe must be in working order on the boat before you pull away from the shore and out to destinations unknown.

4. Boating School – Taking a boating safety class will go a long way in making certain you and your passengers are safe during your next trip. During these classes you will learn how to handle rough seas, a capsized boat, and equipment malfunctions. The better informed you are while in class, the faster you can react and remedy the situation when every second counts out on the water.

5. No Alcohol – Drinking alcohol and driving a boat do not mix. Leave the alcohol for when you are back safely at the dock because if trouble happens out at sea and you are drunk, all your passengers lives are at risk.

These safety tips will keep you and your passengers safer out on the water and give you the best chance to get everyone back to shore in a safe and timely manner.  For more on boating visit

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